After discovering Notion earlier this year, I had to reevaluate how I organized my life. First, I consolidated a lot of my apps that did one singular thing (Pocket, Trello) and moved them over to Notion to minimize the number of apps I was frequenting (and paying for). It was the best decision I made in a long time.

Next, I had to reevaluate my bullet journal setup and what I would be specifically using it for going into the second half of this year. This took a great deal of brainstorming, pros and cons list, and a restless night or two. But eventually, I settled on a new bullet journal method that focused more on tasks and goals and less on collection pages, which I moved to Notion.

Now, I’m here to share my current Notion setup with you all. It is constantly evolving, but for now, it’s been working wonders for me in terms of organization and life management.

notion setup

I saw many people on YouTube create a Dashboard page, or the main landing page, so I knew I had to implement this. It contains links to my most frequented pages at a glance, as well as some pretty imagery and mantras for me to reference daily. This has been an easy way for me to get to my daily pages fast; plus, it’s so pretty to look at!


I am a big fan of the iPhone’s native Notes app. For years, it has been one of the apps I’ve opened well over a dozen times daily. Whether I was jotting down something I wanted to research later or keeping track of side quests in video games, the Notes app has always been my go-to favorite.

Since moving to Notion, I have sorted all my Notes into their corresponding places but wanted to keep a general place for Notes on the go. Then, once I have a moment to go through them, I can sort them into their appropriate place, add them to my task list, or delete them.


My Personal page houses all my personal collections, like a Shopping & Packages page to keep track of all my orders, and a Routines page where I list recurring errands.

My Self page focuses more on my mind and body. Subcategories for this page include my mantras, health & wellness records, astrology, and more. I also have a table for my Personal Goals that I’d like to work on, like experimenting more with my natural hair and a plan to eventually sell prints of my prose. Finally, I have a Career page, where I keep all my work-related notes, records, and references.

Perhaps my favorite page of all is my Master To-Do List, where I write every task I need to complete that pops in my mind. I reference this list weekly in tandem with my bullet journal and schedule tasks this way. It saves me the trouble of forgetting a task if my bullet journal is not within reach. Likewise, it allows me to sit with ideas and tasks for longer, before deciding on if and when I still want to do them.

notion setup
Digital Content

My Digital Content page houses all my website and social media sub-pages. Categories under here include my Blog, where I have a table of all my affiliate codes, content ideas, and WordPress-related maintenance. My Newsletter page is where I keep information, ideas, and more related to my bi-weekly newsletter. My Social Media page contains sub-pages for Twitter and Instagram, as well as a section for hashtags, Buffer schedule, and goals, respectively.

I even have a separate page for my Content Calendar, where I get to see all this information—social posts, blog posts, and newsletters—all in one place.

Finally, I have a page for Side Projects that I am considering or slowly working towards. But if I told you what’s in there, it wouldn’t be a surprise!

notion setup

Perhaps my favorite pages to lay out are the pages under Entertainment. Here is where I moved all of my bullet journal collection pages related to my hobbies and entertainment. Subcategories include digital reads, books, movies, TV shows, and video games.

For each category, I keep track of the content I assume, the things I watch, and the games I play. Each page has different table headers, but all the information is generally the same: the title of the work, who created it, the platform it’s on, what the genre is, when I started it, when I finished it, and my rating for it. The digital reads page—which is what replaced Pocket—is where I bookmark all articles, essays, and columns I am reading and then highlight my favorite passages.

For video games, in particular, I also have a long-running notes page for each title. I just click the title of the game and up pops its page, where I write notes and keep track of side quests.


My Home collection is pretty self-explanatory. Anything related to my living quarters can be found here! I save my favorite recipes here, as well as keep track of monthly bills and laundry needs. Finally, I have a page for my dog, Samantha, where I keep all her information, vet records, and more.


Finally, the Writing collection houses my digital journal, prose and poetry, and a words page. This digital journal is what replaced my Day One journaling app. Here, I often write entries that I may not want to keep permanently in my physical journal. It’s a great tool for writing journal entries on the go, or even writing journal entries that I might just delete later.

I also like to save short prose that I handwrite for Instagram here, as well as a page for new words I’m unfamiliar with and want to study.

Are you using Notion? What does your setup look like? Do you have any collection pages that I didn’t include here? I’d love to know!

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