favorite podcasts

I am constantly sharing books and articles I read that are enlightening to my craft. However, it wasn’t until recently that I realized I have yet to share my favorite podcasts. And there are plenty. While video content is quite popular, it doesn’t have the same lure to me as podcasts do. The old-school “radio” feel of podcasts that purely relies on speech and audio rather than a visual is perhaps the same reason I prefer books to television if given a choice.

Either way, after a quick scroll through my ever-growing podcast library, here are some of my favorite podcasts for writers, thinkers, and organizers. I’ve talked a lot about the writer’s lifestyle on this blog, and these podcasts further encompass that. Each one aids me in my writing craft in one way or another. If you believe you fall in at least one of the three aforementioned buckets, this list is definitely for you.

Podcasts for writers, about writing

Write Now with Sarah Werner. This podcast is my #1 go-to whenever I need a writing pep talk. The host Sarah Werner is always honest, empathetic, and humorous. She feels very much like the cool writing friend you wish you had. I enjoy this podcast because it’s for an audience of all ages and skill levels, and covers topics from self-sabotage all the way to journaling.

I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty. This award-winning podcast covers everything from handling rejection in the publishing industry to the intricacies of world-building and character development. Like Sarah Werner, host Mur Lafferty feels like a friend or mentor who can tell it to you straight. She also gives you that pep talk you need to just sit down and get to work.

Podcasts for thinkers and organizers

The Lavendaire Lifestyle. Hosted by YouTuber and entrepreneur Aileen Xu, this podcast is your guide to “creating your dream life.” I love Aileen’s work because she’s all about creating space for yourself, growing as a person, and finding happiness within. Part of writing well is having great self-awareness. This podcast, coupled with my writing podcasts, has helped me create positive, thoughtful writing material in many ways. I mean, look at her notebooks!

The Goop Podcast. Say what you want about Gwyneth Paltrow, but her podcast is incredibly eye-opening. Hosted by her and Elise Loehnen, this podcast is never afraid to go there, and I mean everywhere—on all topics with all thought-changers. I pause this podcast so many times to write down notes and bookmark segments. No matter what kind of topics you’re interested in, there’s something here for everyone. It supplies endless writing material for me—if not publicly, at least for my private journaling.

Podcasts that spark storytelling inspiration

The Cut. One of the few publications I still subscribe to and read religiously is The Cut, and their podcast is no exception. An extension of their editorial platform, their podcast goes more in-depth with particular weekly stories. From topics ranging from false memories (an episode all memoirists should listen to) to big life changes, this podcast has been an endless pool of storytelling inspiration for me.

Slow Stories. Another podcast with great storytelling inspiration is Slow Stories, an extension of the platform The Style Line LLC. Hosted by Rachel Schwartzmann, this podcast discusses the slow content movement and discusses the ways in which we can all slow down and have a better relationship with the content we create and absorb online. As a writer, I am big on the slow content movement and think it’s so important for everyone to slow down in this fast-paced digital age, now more than ever.

What podcasts are you enjoying at the moment? Did any of my favorite podcasts make your list? I’d love to know!