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There are a lot of apps in the iOS App Store. I would know—when I’m restless, I often get lost down the rabbit hole of applications. However, after a year of finessing my “system” and a lot of trial and error, I’ve narrowed down my favorite apps to a manageable few. My favorites range from reliable word processors to do-it-all image editors. As a minimalist, I try to keep my clutter to a minimum and stick with apps that can check many boxes at once. Here are the best apps I use the most for blogging and social media.

For organizing and planning: Trello

I raved about Trello in a previous post, and I’ll say it again: this app/website does it all. It’s the perfect visual planner for me to see all the moving parts of my blogging and social media content. I have boards dedicated to monthly content, social media, even hobby goals. (I actually have a board listing out the tasks I want to complete in numerous video games, and by when.) This helps me plan out my content across all my platforms, so I can see what stage each moving piece is currently in. If you’re a visual planner with many things to schedule in different places, this app is for you.

For writing and sorting blog posts: Ulysses

Ulysses is my absolute favorite word processor purely for all its folders and cloud storage options. Google Docs is great if you’re working with a team or sharing documents with others, but Ulysses is great for solo writing projects—and I’ve got a lot of them. Particularly for my blog, I have folders for each month, followed by an Outline folder (for posts in the Outline stage), an Edit folder (for posts that are in Edit stage), a Queue folder (for posts that are waiting to be published), and a Published folder (for finished posts that are live). The best part is all the work gets saved to the Cloud, so you can access the changes across your phone, tablet, or desktop.

For image editing and planning: A Color Story

My favorite image editing app, by far, is A Color Story. There are over 500 filters, 120+ effects, and 20+ different tools for fine-tuning and adjustments. My favorite thing about this app, however, is the built-in grid. I have several grids here to plan out my Instagram posts and separate my non-feed photos into their own folders. Plus, I love that you can save your adjustments and create custom filters for easy editing. I have various filters for my Instagram feed and my Animal Crossing posts.

For scheduling: Buffer

Let me preface this part by saying: I do not think Buffer is THEE best scheduling tool. However, for the price, coupled with my need to only schedule Twitter posts at the moment, Buffer is fantastic. It’s super easy to manage multiple social media profiles, schedule new campaigns, and repost old ones. I use Buffer to schedule personal Twitter posts and also my gaming Twitter posts in advance. It just helps put my mind at ease that designated content will be going up at the ideal time while I am busy with my day job.

For easy links, all in one place: Milkshake

Now, I’ve seen many people use Carrd for a similar goal, but I love Milkshake so much more. If you aren’t aware of either, Milkshake is a free phone-optimal website where you can showcase all your important links in one place. Most people use them in their Instagram bios, for example, since Instagram has some serious (read: annoyingly unnecessary) restrictions on hyperlinks on their platform. This way, all your followers can visit your Milkshake page to get everywhere they need to go. Plus, you can create different pages that your audience can get to in just a swipe. It blends convenience with exceptional graphic design so well.

What are your best apps for blogging? What about your best apps for social media? Are any of mine on your list? I’d love to know!


  1. Can you believe that I’ve never tried any of these applications, except for Buffer?! I am really interested in Trello, it seems like the perfect way to organize my life, aha! I am currently using my bullet journal in order to keep track of all the tasks and things I have to do. Great post! I love how you put really unique applications that I hadn’t heard of before xx

    Melina |

    1. Really?! A Color Story is SO good, and Trello is great for boards. Definitely recommend at least poking around and seeing what they offer. I’m glad I could share some new things for you to discover!

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