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One of my favorite things to read about is someone’s at-home routine. It started with The Newsette’s recurring segment at the bottom of their newsletters. They would interview a celebrity, entrepreneur, or athlete and ask them to explain their morning routine in minute-to-minute detail. It was eye-opening and personal, and I loved reading them. It was fun to point out the similarities and differences in my morning routine with other (more successful) people. Likewise, it even helped me discover new routines I wanted to try.

Now, after a year of working from home, my daily at-home routine has changed quite a bit. I’ve experimented with everything from incorporating morning pages into my routine to practicing more mindful meal breaks. Although this routine will shift a bit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting in June, due to a slow return to in-office work, I plan on sticking to it on the days I do work from home.

It’s been working for me so well that I just had to share. Hopefully, it can spark a conversation about what your at-home routine looks like and how it works best for you.


7:00 AM: Wake up. I usually reach for my phone first thing and check the weather and my horoscope on Co-Star and The Pattern. Occasionally, I’ll meditate with Headspace if I know I have a busy day ahead. I try not to look at social media while I’m still in bed because it usually keeps me in bed longer. It also helps me avoid reading something upsetting in the news first thing.

7:15 AM: Morning skincare routine. This usually involves a light face wash, moisturizing serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. Occasionally, I’ll put on minimal makeup to perk myself up, or I’ll do a full face if I know I have a Zoom meeting later in the morning. On easier days, I just brush my hair and get dressed.

7:30 AM: Walk my dog. I love our morning walks because the fresh air always feels good and helps me wake up. I’ll usually listen to a podcast at this time, or if I have a lot on my mind already, I’ll record a voice memo to get whatever I need off my chest.

8:00 AM: Fix breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I try to make it special and take my time. I usually like to eat oatmeal with cinnamon, nuts, and fruit with a hot cup of green tea. Sometimes, though, I’ll have scrambled eggs and toast.

8:20 AM: Eat breakfast. While eating breakfast, I usually read an article or essay, or watch a relaxing YouTube video or Twitch livestream.

8:45 AM: Morning pages. After breakfast, I try to journal for about 10-15 minutes about whatever is on my mind. This helps me get it all down and out of my system, so I can then focus on the workday ahead.

9:00 AM: Start my Copywriting job. I check my work email and calendar, and see what I have to do that day. Then I spend the next few hours working on whatever I have to get done.


12:30 PM: Lunch break. For lunch, I typically eat something light, like fruit and granola, a bowl of cereal, or salad. I use this time to get up and stretch, check my social media, lay out on my couch, etc.

1:30 PM: Back to work.

2:30 PM: Walk my dog. My afternoon walk with my dog is usually longer than my morning walk since the sun is out, and she’s happier and more energetic then. Plus, after sitting and working all day, I’m happy to linger outside more to stretch my legs and get some sun.

4:00 PM: Wrapping up work. I typically use this time for brainstorming, research, polishing copy guides, or answering outstanding emails.


5:00 PM: Fix dinner. When I worked in an office, I usually wouldn’t get home until around 6:30, and dinner wouldn’t be until after 7:00. Now, I’m usually eating or making dinner by 5:00, especially after only eating a light lunch.

6:00 PM: “Me” time. After a typical workday, I usually stretch out on my couch to play video games or read a book.

8:00 PM: TV time. A few nights a week, I’ll watch a few shows around this time. If it’s a day when I exercise, I’ll usually do it during this time, too.

10:00 PM: Wind-down time. Now is when I start to do my bedtime routine, which includes my more extensive nighttime skincare routine and a shower. Most times, I’ll make a cup of chamomile tea to help relax me, too. I try to put my phone away at this point, or at least stop checking social media. I’ll either read something or wind down with a relaxing video game that helps me get sleepy (hello, Cozy Grove!).

11:00 PM: Bed time. Lavender diffuser on, Headspace Sleep track playing, lights out.

What is your at-home routine? How has it changed over the past year? I’d love to know!


  1. Megan, I am also deeply obsessed with routines! I still need to take on the voice memo walks you do. I think that’s such an incredible idea for when I’m too in my head, unable to write, or just to clear my thoughts first thing in the morning.

    Morning pages have also made a huge shift in my own life! Journaling right in the am just helps filter through all the anxiety you often wake up with, or even other thoughts that are only taking up room in your head. I have to say, this is such a balanced and yet attainable routine to have as opposed to others I have seen.

    I know for myself, working from home really forced me to get back into a routine. I got so used to just waking up and flying out of the house for my commute and a real perk this past year was noticing how much of an impact creating space and time for yourself to ease into the day makes. I am definitely going to pick out some things from your routine to try and implement into my own!

    1. Yes, Misha, you NEED to try voice memo walks! They’ve been so helpful for me, especially lately. Sometimes it’s just more effective to talk something out, instead of write it down, you know?

      I LOVE morning pages because it helps me get down some thoughts and get them out of the way, so I can then focus on my job. Otherwise, I often think about a whole lot of other (distracting) things in the back of my mind and feel pulled in different directions. As always, I’m glad you can relate and sympathize! xo

  2. As expected Megan, we have really similar WFH routines! I introducing Morning Pages to my routine back in January and it’s really helped me to tackle the day head on, especially with everything that’s happened this year.

    I love that you take an additional break in the afternoon too. It’s so important to carve out space for yourself throughout the day. I should really try and do the same…

    1. I am SO glad–and not surprised!–to hear we have similar WFH routines. I’ve always felt that you and I are on similar wavelengths and have similar needs/ways of sorting our copywriting jobs and other hobbies!

      I’m also glad to hear that Morning Pages has been helping you mentally, too. Let’s both keep trying to prioritize our happiness and take care of ourselves, so we can continue enjoying our work and hobbies xo

  3. you have such an organized routine! Since I have not had the chance to WFH throughout this entire pandemic, because of the job I have, my schedule hasn’t changed that much from pre-pandemic. I mean I definitely spend a lot of time at home after work, but sometimes I wish I had the chance to WFH for a bit. But other times, I was glad that it gave me the chance to leave my house! I was feeling so stir crazy throughout this pandemic, and I was able to leave my house and socialize with my co-workers! Great post Meg xx

    Melina |

    1. WFH definitely has its perks, especially when you’re a homebody introvert like me, but yes, it even gets ME stir crazy! I’m returning to the office twice a week in June and honestly, that’s a nice balance for me. We’ll eventually go back to 5 days a week, but the dream would be to just go in 3 times a week and WFH on Mon and Fridays, when things are slower for us. One of the great things about being a writer is I don’t really NEED to be at the office to do my job, you know?? Which we’ve proved for over a year now (hahaha) But it does make it easier for ALL the work to get done in general.

      I must commend you for having to go on with your schedule as usual during a pandemic. That must have been equally–if not more–interesting and challenging for you. I have many friends whose schedules didn’t change either and they were anxious about their safety daily, while I wasn’t since I was safely at home. I hope the both of us will look back on this time someday as a significant period of growth. We’re both stronger and wiser in our work because of it!

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