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I’ll admit: after discovering Notion recently, I knew I had to reevaluate how I use my bullet journal for the second half of this year (more on this next week). For a while now, I’ve been keeping Collection pages, using a rolling daily format, and more. This time, though, I wanted to try a different approach and see which setup truly works the best for me.

From now until December, I’ll be keeping things much simpler. My main focus for my journal this time around is quarterly and monthly goals, as well as embracing the day blocking method. Meanwhile, I moved my Collection pages (like what I’m currently reading, watching, and playing) to Notion. But I did save a little spot for them on my monthly calendar spread.

Essentially, I’ll be using my bullet journal as a companion to Notion and a traditional journal for the rest of this year to see how that works for me. Then, in December, I plan on reevaluating again going into the new year. This seems to be the best method for my needs at the moment.

With that said, let me introduce you to my new notebook!

The Notebook

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, I’m using a Dingbats A5+ notebook. This is my fourth Dingbats notebook and as you can tell, I love it so much! It has cream pages, which I’ve been enjoying over white since it’s easier on the eyes. The pages are also 100gsm, which is just right for me. I don’t use paint or colored markers, so I don’t need super thick pages. Plus, I’m not a fan of how they feel. Thick pages feel more like a sketchbook and less like a journal to me, so I stick with 100-120gsm and try not to go lower than that.

This time, I got the brown bear cover again (I had this a year ago, for July-December 2020) because I loved it so much. It’s my favorite Dingbats cover!

Cover Page

This cover page is simple and matches my cover page from my Jan-Jun bullet journal. I typically keep this page as minimal and clean as possible. I don’t add any kind of quote because I tend to save my quotes for my monthly spreads.

Year at a Glance

I love this spread because it looks so clean and uniform. I definitely have this spread in here more of aesthetic than actual function, but I do reference it sometimes when my phone isn’t on-hand. This time around, I made this spread span two pages instead of one and added a little column on the side for notes!

Future Log and Quarterly Goals

Another change I made to this bullet journal is combining my future log with my quarterly goals. Here is where I do all my future planning for major events, birthdays, and holidays when I haven’t quite reached that month yet in my bullet journal.

It’s also a quick and easy place for me to glance at my goals for that quarter. I used to have a goals page at the start of my journal for the whole year, but now, I’ve divided them up into smaller, quarterly goals. They feel much more manageable and attainable this way. This month’s quarterly goals are:

  • Refresh my website
  • Read (at least) three books
  • Write four blog posts per month
  • Set up my Ko-fi monthly subs pages
Monthly Cover Page

For my new setup, here is my cover page for July. Simple and crafty, this spread is very similar to all my other monthly cover spreads in my previous bullet journal, so I’m keeping the theme going for the rest of the year (plus I still have dozens of stickers left). My monthly spreads don’t ever have a “theme,” but a mood for the month is at least portrayed here.

This time around, I switched my cover page to the left side of the notebook and adding a running list for daily gratitude to the right. I’m going to try to make a habit of logging my gratitude here instead of on my weekly spreads. That way, I can look back on all of the great things that happened that month all in one place.

Monthly Calendar View

The monthly calendar is perhaps my favorite spread to lay out. It’s so much fun setting this page up! Here is where I can glance at the calendar view of the month, as well as any major holidays or events. At the bottom is my habit tracker, where I can see at a glance my habits and moods for the month. I also saved a place on the left for a quick list of what I’m reading, playing, and listening to.

Weekly Spread

Finally, here is my reimagined weekly spread. On the left page, I have space for the week’s Focus items, which I limited to at most three. Then I have a column for that week’s social media content and a column for my master task list.

I divided the right page into eighths: one for each day of the week, and a spot for notes. I plan on changing up the right side of the weekly spread when I need to, depending on my expectations for the week. For now, I think an even split will do the trick.

NOTE: With the rolling daily method, I found myself putting tasks on the current day when I didn’t exactly intend to complete it on that day, just so I wouldn’t forget it. Now, I add these tasks to my weekly master task list, then check them off there whenever I do manage to get to them. Tasks listed under the specific weekday are limited to needing to be completed that day, while the tasks on the master task list can be completed or migrated whenever.

Journal Entries

After each weekly spread, I just turn to a clean page and do my daily journaling. I found it strangely limiting even when I was journaling with the rolling daily method, so having this area separate from my weekly spread is the best combination of planner + journal for me at the moment. That way, I can write however much or little I want without disrupting my weekly spread. Then, once the next week starts, I turn a fresh page and lay out the week all over again.

Did you move into a new notebook for July-December? What is your setup like and how it is working for you? I’d love to know!


  1. I am inlove with your journal. I actually started a new journal last month and made it simplier focusing on self care. And also few goals for my blog. Actually setting a goal of four posts a month in blog sounds really great. Can’t wait to share my bullet journal on my blog as well.

    1. Thanks for reading, Kristine! I’m so glad you like my journal. Focusing on self-care is so important! It’s great that you’re making the time to prioritize that in your own journal going forward. Looking forward to you sharing your own bujo soon.

  2. I love how this came out! Since you brought up Notion, I moved so many of my notes from my Iphone & bullet journal, and saved them digitally. I still use my bullet journal, but more for the day to day basis. I love the stickers you put in it. I’ve been keeping my much more minimal as well, but sometimes it helps to remember things when you take the time to write them down! I ended up skipping June in my bullet journal, so will probably finish my bujo in September? We’ll see! xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    1. Thanks, Melina! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been doing similar things when it comes to condensing your notes and keeping things simpler. Will you be sharing your new bujo setup in September as well? If so, looking forward to it!

      1. I think I will! I really love seeing how other people set up their bullet journals, and at the same time I love the idea of seeing how my spreads and set ups have changed over the years!

  3. Your journals just bring me this constant wave of inspiration. I love that you keep things simple but also aesthetically pleasing. I remember when you first introduced me to Dingbats notebooks and I have sworn by them ever since. The bear and the elephant covers are my favorites!

    I also love the idea of a weekly master list! I find myself doing your old method of just writing down tasks that I know I won’t complete today but don’t want to forget. That is such a simple and effective tool to arrange everything you need to get done but also to see a true visual of what actually needs to be accomplished on any given day. Sometimes I feel like when you see the tasks that don’t need to be accomplished on the day of remain on the page uncrossed, you get this weird sense that haven’t finished everything. Even though I know in my own mind that I did, visuals are just so powerful. I’m definitely going to make that change for myself!

    A gratitude list has also been so beneficial for me, especially lately. I love that you keep a running list in your journal as well! I find that these past two years, I’ve noticed a greater shift in my perspective from consistently writing them down. I’ve also recently learned about keeping a running list of “3 things that brought you joy” at the end of each day. I think that’s definitely something I’m going to implement for myself along with my gratitude list. Some days, I can imagine it feels next to impossible to think about a moment that brought you joy, but it would be an amazing long-term tool for seeking out joy throughout your day so that you can remember it at the end of the night when you write it down!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Misha!! Omgosh, the bear and the elephant covers are my favorites, too!

      Honestly, changing from a weekly master list to a daily one has really helped me take the pressure off! It feels good going into a week with general or priority tasks and seeing a clear visual of the days ahead. I’m also so glad I started incorporating a daily gratitude list. While sometimes it feels like a chore to remember to do it, it’s always so nice when I do–especially before bed!

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