The last time I updated my Animal Crossing: New Horizons dream address, it was Fall 2020. Fall is my favorite season in real life and in Animal Crossing, so I kept my relaxing island of Undella in a perpetual autumn wonderland. Now, after many months and a need for change, I decided to share my updated island with you.

Since last year, Undella has gone through a massive revamp. For the third time since the game’s launch, I completely flattened my island, redesigned it, and rebuilt it from scratch. I’ve still embraced the half cobblestone, half forest theme I’ve loved this whole time but dialed it up to 10. Now, I’d love to take you on a little tour of my island, as well as a deeper look into my concept and planning process.


I’m a very visual person, so it really helps me when I can refer to something in the creation process. I also find a blank slate incredibly intimidating, so when planning out my new island, I decided to sketch it out first the old-fashioned way—with a pencil and paper.

My sketch didn’t get into too many specifics like exactly where and how I would terraform, but I sketched out a general idea of what I was thinking to use as a starting point. Over time, of course, my sketch changed, but it was incredibly helpful to reference my drawing while actually going into terraform.

If you find terraforming challenging because you don’t know where to start, I suggest trying to draw it out first on paper to help give you a general idea!

Concept: The best of both worlds.

My last island, based in autumn, was described as having an urban center and resident countryside. When planning out my new island, I knew I wanted to keep the theme, but amp it up—a lot. Ever since Nintendo gave us 100 extra design slots, I felt a well of inspiration and freedom open up. The possibilities were endless! All the things I wanted to do in the previous island but couldn’t were now possible with even more room for designs.

Picking my theme.
While browsing AC Twitter and Pinterest, I found myself constantly drawn to gray city-inspired islands and brown, foresty countrysides. When it came time to pick a theme, I couldn’t choose! My favorite thing about Animal Crossing has always been the trees and grassy areas, so I didn’t want to lose that completely by creating a city alone. So combining the themes was my way of getting the best of both worlds.

At the end of the day, it’s best to do whatever you want. You don’t have to just pick one theme and stick to it strictly. If you want to combine themes, go for it! It’s your world, and you’re living in it.


The land bridge
The first thing I envisioned for my new island remodel was a land bridge overlooking an enclosed Residents Services. I’ve seen similar forest builds done before, but nothing that was a city-inspired bridge. This time around, I knew I wanted to look down on Resident Services. It’s especially fun to see it this way when K.K. Slider performs on Saturdays!

The overgrown playground
Some of my build was inspired by the neighborhoods in New York City, and how you can walk through a housing area and suddenly end up in a playground. I knew this time around that I wanted to give myself enough space to have quiet neighborhoods sandwiching a park, and I’m happy I finally got to pull this off.

The lakefront
I’ve seen some gorgeous lake builds and knew I wanted to try a hand at this myself. When envisioning this build, I knew I wanted a small enough lake that was still functional that I could fish in, but large enough that the houses on the other side were off in the distance. I’ve also been dying to find a use for the stone fence ever since the game launched and I’m so thrilled I was finally able to use it for this area.

The pier
Since most maps start you off with tiered cliffs in the north, I knew this time around I wanted my northern ocean view to be flat. And what better way to do this than create a modern pier? I decorated this area with wind turbines and lighthouses, as well as Daisy’s cream and blue house, to match that saltwater-air vibe.

The Bed & Breakfast
In my last build, I introduced a Bed & Breakfast, but this time, I wanted it closer to the island center. Now, it’s even closer to the museum and the airport than before, and residents who are staying to rent a room have an ocean view and easy access to the beach.

Visit Undella 3.0

If you’d like to visit Undella, hop into your bed and use dream address 1197-3018-4066. I’d love to see photos from your stay, so please tag me on socials @meganportorreal and use #VisitUndella. To follow along on my Animal Crossing: New Horizons adventures, follow me on Twitter @meganplusgames.

Do you have an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island? Please feel free to leave your dream address in the comments, so I, and other readers, can pay you a visit.