My favorite thing about starting a new year (besides vowing to be a better person, of course) is cracking open a new planner. For Christmas, my boyfriend got me this gorgeous Riflepaper agenda and I adore it. In the past, I have gone with a binder-style planner, but found the spiral binding a bit intrusive. This traditional binding is exactly like my personal journal and it’s so comfortable to write in. Plus it photographs gorgeously, don’t you think?

Several people have recommended bullet journaling to me as well, but I always get turned off by it somehow. I’m usually good for the first couple months and then I can’t be bothered creating layouts every month or remembering to track my daily habits. Or I feel like I’m putting so much effort into it when no one will even see it. (I don’t like sharing my to-do lists with strangers online; sorry!) So, a traditional agenda is the way for me to go!

As a writer, I keep separate notebooks for other ideas or projects that need to go into more detail. So for my agenda, I like to keep it simple: just a place for my to-dos, reminders, and of course a visual calendar of all my tasks, events, birthdays, etc. I do keep running reminders in my iPhone, but it just doesn’t work as well for me as writing something down. Somehow, I seem to retain it better when I literally put pen to paper, and then I get such satisfaction ticking off my list as my day goes on. I can’t be the only one that feels that way, right?

Are you keeping an agenda this year? Which agenda did you buy? Please share! Xo