One year ago when I was speaking on a fashion panel in New York City, a young woman sat in the audience with an idea brewing. She wanted to create her own jewelry company but wasn’t sure if she was ready to quit her day job to pursue her passion. However, after listening to our panel discuss how we got started in the industry and how we all took a chance to get to where we are today, she decided she was going to try. That young woman is now one of the founders of Teel Yes, and yesterday she invited me to see her new collection at Biggercode.

Teel Yes is a brand that really struck me as unique. Over the years, I’ve seen and worked with a lot of jewelry brands, but Teel Yes’s aesthetic is one that is minimalistic yet artistic, thoughtful yet effortless. That isn’t easy to accomplish. These pieces are bold enough to stand alone–there’s no need to pile on the jewelry here. One piece does all the talking and can elevate a simple look into something artistic and trendy. As someone who appreciates minimalism, I was really intrigued by this line, and loved all the pieces I came across.

While their debut collections by Mob Legend are impressive and self-expressive (think gold teardrop and corkscrew earrings), it’s their newest collection that made my head turn. The designer YVMIN made this collection entirely inspired by pasta. Yes, pasta. One of the best foods to ever exist. But I’m not talking a child’s 4th grade project kind of pasta. These pieces only resemble the shape of pasta, amped up with gold, pearls, and sleek, geometric lines. The Pasta Lovers collection includes rotini and penne pasta earrings that hang delicately from a pearl stud, a farfalle double Y necklace that resembles a bowtie, and mini farfalle earrings. And they all look as good as they sound.

By the end of the event, I was so impressed with the collection, and even more ecstatic that the founder took the risk to start her company after all. Now, we can look forward to even more wonderful pieces to come.

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