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Journal Entry Collection

I’ve Been Seeing Firemen Everywhere Lately

And it’s starting to get a little weird. They’ve been popping up in almost every situation, putting out fires in my dreams, and appearing all over my TV—when I turned on the news this morning, first thing: Fireman catches baby from the window of burning building. Then, I change the channel and Pleasantville is on, the scene when Tobey Maguire screams, “Fire!” and the firemen all look at each other, dumbfounded. A fire, in Pleasantville?

On another channel, Steve Harvey stands between two women on Family Feud. “We asked 100 women,” he says, “every fireman needs a big what?”

“A big hose!” one woman shouts, flashing the number one answer. Instead, I think instinctively: muscles. A truck. A heart.

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Now I’m wondering if this is some kind of joke, or an omen, like a pending fire is in my immediate future; will I soon be gawking up at some burning building, thinking about that Peggy Lee song, playing over and over: is that all there is to a fire? Or maybe it’s just the painful, obvious truth: I am missing a friend.

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