Beauty gurus everywhere know that using the right tools is key when keeping your hair healthy and damage-free. So when I received this hair straightening brush from the FoxyBae ($149.95) team last week, I knew they were really on to something. Not only is the packaging and presentation gorgeous, but the product is just as efficient and does what it promises: gently straightens your hair and adds volume and shine just by brushing.

At first, I admit I was a little skeptical. I have super thick, curly hair and go through a great deal straightening it each week. But the FoxyBae straightening hair brush’s ceramic and tourmaline technology heats quickly from within, filling your hair with 20 times more negative ions than a normal hair straightener. Ultimately, this helps seal the hair cuticle with smoothing properties and is scientifically proven to not only tame your hair, but also enhance shine. So, instead of clamping your hair between two hot irons like a traditional hair straightener, all you need to do is gently brush your hair to straighten it. Since you aren’t pressing your hair and weighing it down, this also gives your hair much more natural movement and volume.

The Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked to straighten my hair and add volume and natural movement to it. While I don’t think it’s “powerful” enough to straighten my thick hair right after I blow it out (I needed to use my regular hair straightener to curve my ends, which are always prone to frizz), this is definitely something I would reach for with second-, third-, or even fourth-day hair. It’s super quick, gentle, and easy to use!

Have you tried FoxyBae’s straightening hair brush? What did you think of it?

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