A lot of stellar beauty products made this year’s Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Insider Awards, and Birchbox wants to bring some stand-out products a little closer to home for their subscribers. Cue their Limited Edition: Mass Appeal CEW 2016 box, packed with five of their favorite winners. Since these products have won awards and received tons of positive reviews, I knew it was definitely worth snagging for only $15–in fact, that full-size Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask is already worth almost $30 ALONE. Kind of a no-brainer, right?

I loved all the products in this box very much. I already use Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water ($7.99) on the regular, so snagging a free one from this box was an easy decision. It takes off all my waterproof makeup with ease and doesn’t dry out my skin like some makeup remover wipes do. The Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask ($28.99) was a pleasant surprise; it really moisturizes my skin over night and gives it this supple, bright glow. I’ve been using this product for nearly 3 weeks now and I love it! I also enjoyed Aveeno®’s Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion ($6.99) and love that it’s unscented so it doesn’t clash with my perfume.

Bioré®’s Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips ($7.49) sure sucked out all the dirt from my pores, alright. In fact, I was a little put off by the dirt that was stuck to the strip afterward (“That was in my skin?!”). My skin was a little red for about an hour afterward, so definitely don’t use this product if you’re about to go out! Luckily, I used this before bed. Finally, ChapStick®’s Total Hydration 100% Natural Balm in Soothing Vanilla ($2.94) was definitely hydrating, but the formula wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be.

Have you tried these award-winning products yet? Which ones were your favorite?


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