I’ll be honest: I’m not much of a hat person. In my life, I’ve probably only owned about 5 hats, and they are usually knit, worn in the dead of winter to keep my ears from freezing. I bought a brown fedora years ago that I only wore once, inside, and a sun hat I only once, outside. But this year, I decided to give this whole hat thing another try, and the one hat trend that has stuck out to me was the Captain’s Cap. I love military and cadet trends in the fall, and whenever I’m designing a character in an RPG or video game (*ahem* Animal Crossing, Pokémon), I always throw on a cap like this for my mayor or trainer. So why not try it in real life?

H&M Captain’s Cap, $14.99, hm.com

While shopping on HM.com a few weeks ago during their intro to fall sale (60% off SO many great things!), I spotted this beauty in navy, my favorite color. For only $14.99, I thought it was perfect. If I hated it, at least I didn’t spend that much, and if I loved it, then well, what a steal! Turns out, I like it a lot, and will try to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe. It should look great paired with my short, wool military jacket and gray sweaters, like this mock turtleneck I’m wearing.

What do you think of the Captain’s Cap trend? Yay or nay? Does Gigi Hadid make you wanna buy one, too?

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