As the Editor in Chief of Cliché Magazine, I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen a lot of bags. My pitch folder is filled with them–luxury brands, budget-friendly brands, and everything in-between. But there was something undeniably chic and very “New York” about Lauren Cecchi’s brand and these gorgeous bags you see above. Maybe it was the blue, my favorite color, or the sand-colored variants that reminded me of the beach. Or maybe it was the gold and silver chain straps and handles that make these bags incredibly versatile. Whatever it may be, her collection stood out from the sea of bags currently on the market, and I knew I had to learn more.

In our Aug/Sept 2016 issue of Cliché Magazine (out now!), we talked to the New York-based designer about her newest collection, and how her bags are inspired by her fashion-forward, jet-setting customers. “My customers love to travel just as much as I do, so I think that is a major ‘muse’ for my designs: what they will need wherever they go in the world!” she said. “When I am in the design phases, I think, ‘Where is my customer going? What is she/he doing? What do they want/need in a handbag?’ By asking myself these questions, I can dream up what I think they need as their newest addition to their wardrobe.”

These three bags, in particular, were my absolute favorites. The first one, the Tri Color Block Minnow + Sand Mezzo bag ($495) is a dreamy statement piece with its silver (or gold) hardware and large pocket for stashing everything you need. The Sand + Minnow Sorella bag ($395) is compact and edgy with adjustable chain straps and a pocket big enough to fit your cell phone, wallet, and lipstick comfortably. Last but not least, the leather Stretta clutch in Sky Blue ($295) is simple, chic, pairs beautifully with any outfit or occasion, and even comes with an optional shoulder strap. With these three versatile bags in your collection (which are available in a wide range of different colors), you’ll be set for any occasion.

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