After the craziness of the first few opening days of New York Fashion Week (and running around the city in dangerously frigid temperatures), I was looking forward to a quiet, sweet, relaxing Valentine’s Day indoors on Sunday. To be honest, I was in bed literally all day playing Final Fantasy Explorers (one of my V-Day gifts) with my boyfriend and watching movies (like The Wind Rises, which still makes me cry). I didn’t want to do my hair or makeup or go absolutely anywhere, and my boyfriend seemed just as happy to stay in bed for once as I was.

For the holiday, I received the sweetest box of Godiva chocolates from GLOSSYBOX USA (thank you, ladies!), beautiful flowers and tiramisu from my boyfriend, and as mentioned, a copy of Final Fantasy Explorers for us to play together. I also made us heart shaped waffles with my new waffle maker, and they were delicious! (Anyone who knows me knows that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.) It was beyond sweet, and just what I needed: to relax, and eat sweets in bed.

Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was wonderful, too!


Megan Portorreal is a professional writer, editor, and creative in the New York City area. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, writing about her life, and playing video games.

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